Abba Father

Intro - About Abba Father Podcast

January 18, 2020 Matt Farmer, Brando Saucier, and Cameron Mund
Abba Father
Intro - About Abba Father Podcast
Show Notes

Our show is about growing as a father by learning from our heavenly father 

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On it you will hear three guys working through biblical scripture and real-life events to discover the truth in being disciples and raising disciples. You should listen if you are a dad looking for a community that loves to dig deep into God’s word and apply the lessons to yourself and your role as a parent. 


Matt - nurse, children’s book author. Married since 2011 and had our daughter Quest in 2015. 

Cameron: Associate Pastor. Married to Jodi since 2011. Two sons, Lukas (4) and Levi (7 mo.) 

Brando: Pastor of Worship and Discipleship, theology nerd, Married to Marianne since 2010. Father to Asher (6), Ella (4), and Gideon (1).

Music Credits:
Limit 70 by Kevin Macleod