Abba Father

"We are all bad people" Explaining Sin and Redemption

January 18, 2020 Matt Farmer, Brando Saucier, and Cameron Mund
Abba Father
"We are all bad people" Explaining Sin and Redemption
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Our show is about growing as a father by learning from our heavenly father. 
On it you will hear three guys working through biblical scripture and real-life events to discover the truth in being disciples and raising disciples. 
You should listen if you are a dad looking for a community that loves to dig deep into God’s word and apply the lessons to yourself and your role as a parent.

In this episode:

  • How to talk to your kiddos about sin
  • How our heavenly Father treats our sin
  • How our biblical understanding of sin and redemption informs how we treat our children

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(0:44 Matt's Story)
(3:50 Brando's Story)
(7:00 Cameron's Story)
(8:50 Zoom out - Isaiah 59 Reading and discussion)
(25:40 Zoom In Application to real world parenting)
(30:00 "Can't let it go")
(38:25 Outro)

Resources mentioned in the podcast:
John Mark McMillan "Pilgrim"

The Bible Project Podcast - Sabbath Series

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Matt's Story
Brando's Story
Cameron's Story
Zoom Out - Isaiah 59 Reading and Discussion
Zoom In - Application to Real Life Parenting
"Can't Let it Go"