Abba Father

"You are not David" Finding Jesus in the Old Testament with our Kids

March 14, 2020 Matt Farmer, Brando Saucier, and Cameron Mund
Abba Father
"You are not David" Finding Jesus in the Old Testament with our Kids
Show Notes

In this episode:

  • Exploring some of the Old Testament stories with our kids
  • Reorienting our hearts and eyes to see Christ in the Old Testament
  • Coronavirus! 

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About the show:

Our show is about growing as a father by learning from our heavenly father.
On it you will hear three guys working through biblical scripture and real-life events to discover the truth in being disciples and raising disciples.
You should listen if you are a dad looking for a community that loves to dig deep into God’s word and apply the lessons to yourself and your role as a parent.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Jesus Storybook Bible - Sally Lloyd Jones
Jesus Unmasked - Todd Friel
The Unfolding - Timothy Brindle
Jesus Kid - Shai Linne
The Bible Project

(Online Articles)

David, Goliath, and You? 

Dare to Be a Daniel?

Solomon's Sin and Our Sin

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