Abba Father

Bad Dad: Shame

August 29, 2020 Matt Farmer, Brando Saucier, and Cameron Mund
Abba Father
Bad Dad: Shame
Show Notes

In this episode:

  • Matt shares a story about using shame as a tool and feeling shame as a father
  • The difference between shame and guilt
  • Where does conviction fall in? 
  • How to promote a standard without causing shame
  • Can't let it go

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About the show:

Our show is about growing as a father by learning from our heavenly father.
On it you will hear three guys working through biblical scripture and real-life events to discover the truth in being disciples and raising disciples.
You should listen if you are a dad looking for a community that loves to dig deep into God’s word and apply the lessons to yourself and your role as a parent.

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